Investor Real Estate Services


where to buy priligy in china Streetwise Realty literally puts the buy cytotec online with no prescription investor first! The investor real estate services of Streetwise Realty empower the investor toward “wise investing” for property that is profitable. Streetwise Realty recognizes the Investor in real estate has specialized needs requiring specialized services to guide the investor through the minefield of volatile conditions and concerns that challenge investors today.

Streetwise Realty has specific services for the investor in both commercial and residential real estate and also provides leasing services for commercial clients. These services endeavor to provide the investor with exceptional information, tools and research to give the investor increased ability to make wise property decisions protecting the investor from expensive real estate disasters.


Choose Commercial or Residential!

One of the significant services to help protect and inform investors with Streetwise Realty is the tracking and research of important trends that could affect the transaction of the investor, now and in the future. Trends are tracked in a variety of ways, locally, statewide, nationally and worldwide, depending on the need of the investor. This information is time consuming and tedious, but invaluable to the investor. It helps the investor evaluate wisely how to proceed (or not proceed) with a transaction, especially with the unstable conditions that exist now. Streetwise Realty helps you get a complete picture with both the good news, and the bad news of a particular transaction, including the timing.

Another substantial service for the investor is the extensive research and analysis that is done on each property. Streetwise Realty has access to many individualized resources, like information on commercial property from the professional-use Denver Metropolitan Commercial Association of Realtors website and Fort Collins Board of Realtors website among others. The resources used depend on the need of the investor, whether commercial or residential (buying or selling) or leasing of commercial property.

Streetwise Realty services for the investor start with understanding the specific needs of the investor, offering wise counsel, and in addition to the above strong services, may also include: automated listings, brochures, comparable market analysis, consultation and planning, contract and form assistance, demographics and statistics, 800 numbers, extensive website property promotion, floor plans, negotiation, personal marketing and promotion of property, professional video and photography, property showings, relocation referrals, scaled investment analysis, standout signage, visual tours, website connecting social media and more. This means personalized, individual service and help for the investor. You are highly valued and appreciated at Streetwise Realty!

The investor is further served by a Streetwise Realty team approach utilizing the services of other professionals where needed, including: accountants, appraisers, architects, attorneys, auctioneers, builders, contractors, developers, inspectors, insurance agents, meth remediation, soil analysis, structural engineers, surveyors, 1031 Exchanges, title work and many other specialists as needed for the investor.

The goal at Streetwise Realty is to lower the risk in real estate investing as much as possible for the real estate investor, by providing information, research and services that make for “wise investing” for property that is profitable!

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