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My history, and eventual work in real estate with investors and Streetwise Realty, started with an Irish heritage on my father’s side and being second generation in real estate after my mother, who worked for Sarah Rice Realty in Denver.


My first major business experience was at age 18 when I leased an A&W Drive-Inn on Colorado Blvd. in Denver, across from Park Hill Golf Course. That led to college at Colorado State University with an interest in economics, and later to Rockmont Bible College and Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood. Then I began management of several restaurants in the Denver area.


I became the proud owner of two bookstores in Fort Collins, one dealing in technical books for Colorado State University, Kodak, Woodward Governor, Coors, and Hewlett Packard, among others, and ran a U.S. Postal substation.

Then followed ownership of two insurance agencies for many years providing all lines of insurance which was great preparation for the real estate business.


My career in real estate started with Fowler Real Estate, many years with Keller Williams Realty and ended at Coldwell Banker before starting Streetwise Realty. I hosted a real estate radio program out of Denver called Streetwise Real Estate News, that reached into several states. I also wrote real estate columns for newspapers. Both these helped me appreciate the value of extensive research and trends. This helped me to provide good results and benefits for investors, and timeless treasure for me in receiving their appreciation.


All this urban business seems contrary to my young life growing up on the family farm in Kansas with lots of room to roam and explore. I saw the land in action: dairy cattle, horses, chickens and wheat farming. It might seem different from typical real estate investing and business, but the farmland and the wonder, faith and hard work that went with it, showed me the potential of basic land for anything you dare to dream!


Some of the features on the farm, like windmills for water, were true “green” features that are now very popular in real estate. We were green before green was in!

Real estate is one of our greatest opportunities that I believe must be carefully protected along with the investor. Streetwise Realty is here to help create a history of wise investing! Please call me at 970 225-8944, if I might be of help to you, or Email at  Thank you for visiting! May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks!

Streetwise Realty LLC
Investor Real Estate Services
Commercial & Residential
“Wise Investing”
Shaun Fowler GRI, LUTCF, CHRE
Employing Broker
155 E. Boardwalk Drive #450
Fort Collins, CO 80525
970 225-8944
A grateful thank you to:
Kelli Wallace for the website 970 988-4774,
Jon Bruhin on the logo work 970 978-8154 and
John Willis for computer work 970 619-9788.