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Webster’s Dictionary defines Streetwise as “Possessing the skills and attitudes necessary to survive in an often violent urban environment.” The purpose of Streetwise Realty is to avoid the disaster stories by putting the investor in real estate, first and foremost, for “wise investing” with some of the finest investor real estate services and disquisition available in Northern Colorado.


From North Fort Collins to South Denver

To arrive on the sunny side of Streetwise real estate investing, the first objective of Streetwise Realty is to carefully listen to the investor, clearly understanding the investor’s goals for the real estate transaction. The second objective is to provide the investor with a knowledgeable sounding board for the investor’s benefit, give any input, and confirm the direction of the transaction. The third objective is to supply the investor with current trends and specific extensive research to inform the investor in the property decision, whether buying or selling. The fourth objective of Streetwise Realty is to assist the investor with any needed contracts, forms, team establishment or negotiation required by the investor, leading to a successful closing.


Streetwise Realty is equipped to handle commercial or residential property for the investor, whether buying or selling and also deals with leasing of commercial property. Streetwise Realty is here to make the investor’s life easier, with diligent effort on the investor’s behalf, and hopefully a little fun along the way. As Louis Armstrong sang: “Life can be so sweet on the sunny side of the street.”

Streetwise Realty relies on a foundation of trust, applied knowledge and wisdom to help the investor in real estate create a history of wise investing!

If you would like to meet concerning your real estate need, please call Shaun Fowler at 970 225-8944 or Email at Thank you for visiting! May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks!